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Describe and understand key aspects of:

  • use Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to view, analyse and interpret places and data use fieldwork in contrasting locations to collect, analyse and draw conclusions from geographical data, using multiple sources of increasingly complex information.

Comparing satellite images and ordinance survey maps to plan a route and finding north.

  1. Google maps (or other online map services) are very useful when used in conjunction with satellite images. However, they do not always have enough detail. Your task is work out where is the towpath beside the Thames in South West London because you are planning a walk from Richmond to Kingston via Teddington Lock. Look at the images below and then look at an Ordnance Survey map (1:50,000 – Landranger Map 176 – West London) of the same area. Work out from the OS map key the symbol for paths and find it on the map to decide which side of the river you should start your walk at Richmond Bridge.



  2. Draw a map of your route.

  3. Add a compass rose to your map and line it up correctly with north.


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